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I am one wild and crazy guy!!! - Conjambilation [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ethan

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I am one wild and crazy guy!!! [Aug. 15th, 2005|01:13 am]
The Ethan
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Grand Illusion-Styx]

So my summer still has like 2 or three weeks to go but im just going to take it slow. This summer hasd been the summer of zAiney events. like all you can do is watch everything thats going around you. ITs kind of like the old circle vision at Disneyland because there are all these things going on around you and YOU DON'T KNOW WHICH WAY TO WATCH!!" so then in the mourning you just end oup with a big giat neck cramp. So my summer pretty much ended on friday night with me going to see Styx in concert. and as i am standing in the back and they are playing Lady i cant help to think about the major events that involve girls of the summer that probably changed my life...
1. i break up with my girlfriend that ive had for 2 and a half months- notice that i am a big hypocrite and should become a politician.
2. make out with a girl that i really did not know and then asked her to be my girlfriend- think with the head ontop of your shoulders
3. appearently the relationship is "going to fast" and me going on a cruise will be a good breal apart from each other- WHAT THE FUCK DOES TOO FAST MEAN WHEN WE BARELY EVER TALK OR KISS?!?!?!?!?!
4. Go on a cruise and find a hot girl that has alot of the same intrests as I- not so harmful yet, but she was is a girl scout and that makes me laugh
5. obsessively flirt with the girl from number 4 and end up giving her a little good bye kiss- never ever play ping pong on the back of a boat in the middle of the pcean at night when it is cold and windy and you have alittle too much wine at dinner= that has nothing to do with anything..it is just useful information.
6. Don't have the hot girls from the cruise find your myspace- why do i still have one of those
7. dont have your girlfriend have a myspace
8. Make sure that your girlfriend dores not cross communicate with these other girls even though we are on a break- does break not mean anyhting to anyone, you know its a pause, you hold something off.
9. Appearantly I (The Ethan) can not go out with out a girlfriend and not flirt with anyone- dear Jesus does that make any sense. no maybe next time i should get a girlfriend that makes sense and doesnt end up being psycho. i thought i liked her after a while I really did and then she makes a big ordeal about one tieeny tiny thing.
10. No more girlfriends for a while for the Ethan but dating is ok with me- they all seem to turn out badly and i am just one man whore who cannot go out and not flirt. I like women. and they seem to like me so mix and mingle all that i can while i still have both of my nuts.

So this summer i have found alot of soul searching and now that i have Benji has returned to the empty loft in the Ethans head. and with Benji in there nothing is gonna stop me now and the Ethan could not be happier with his summer...

Austa Minya... ah fuck i don;t know how to speak or spell spanish.. See you on the Flip!
The Ethan out!!!

[User Picture]From: qbnactor
2005-08-15 06:11 pm (UTC)
The return of Benji! Excellent....
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